1. Admissions to BA classes are given on the basis of merit list prepared on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying examination. For the last date of submission of the admission form, the candidates are advised to contact the college.
2. Admissions to B Sc and B Com classes are given on the basis of an admission test conducted by the college. For the last date of submission of the admission form, date of examination and other relevant dates, the students are advised to contact the college. No candidate will be given admission to these classes unless he/she has taken the entrance examination.
3. Number of seats available in each subject is fixed, taking into consideration the number of teachers available.
4. The qualification for admission to graduation first year classes is 10+2 pass. Those students who have passed examinations conducted by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Prayag, Central Board of Higher Education, Delhi, and Vedamau Vedic Vidyapeeth, Badaun, are not eligible to seek admission in undergraduate classes as per orders of the university. The students whose High School and Intermediate marks-sheets and certificates have discrepancies in their names or in their fathers’ names are also barred from applying from the admission.
5. If a student fails to deposit fee within given timeframe after sanction of admission, he will forfeit his right to admission.
6. Incomplete admission forms will be rejected.
7. Admission will be granted after interview. Students will be responsible for knowing the date of interview from the college notice board. It is compulsory to show originals of marks-sheets and other certificates at the time of interview.
8. For admission to BA, B Com and B Sc classes it is compulsory to attach the following certificates:
  a. Character certificate from the principal of last institution attended. In case of private students this certificate should be from any gazetted officer with the seal of his office.
  b. Self-attested photocopies of High School certificate, and High School and Intermediate marks-sheets.
9. It is compulsory to submit self-attested transfer certificate from the last institution attended. Original transfer certificate will have to be produced on sanction of the admission.
10. Students coming from any other university will have to enclose migration certificate.
11. It is necessary to enclose all the self-attested photocopies of marks-sheets of all the last examination.
12. Candidates passing Intermediate (Agriculture) examination will not be given admission t the B Sc classes.
13. If there is a gap in studies after passing the last examination, the admission seeker will have to enclose an affidavit certified by the notary, explaining the reasons of the gap.
14. For relaxation in marks, candidates should attach self-attested photocopies of NCC (B and C) Certificates, national/university team members and NSS certificates.
15. Extra weightage for admission to undergraduate classes will be given only on the basis of student’s performance at 10+2 level.
16. Students of this college only be given admission to graduation second and third year classes.
17. In case of late declaration of results by the university, admissions will be given within 10 days of the date mentioned on the marks-sheet. After that admission will be given only with the permission of the university.
18. No admission will be given on the basis of provisional marks-sheets.
19. a. Students will be given admission in the next class only after passing the qualifying class
  b. The students intending for improvement paper will be allowed to do so only after seeking admission in the next class
20. a. The students will have to pass BA/B Sc and B Com examination in a maximum of six years and MA/M Sc/M Com examination in a maximum of four years. The calculation will be made for this purpose from the session in which he has sought admission in the first year, or has taken examination in the session.
  b. Permission for admission to the next higher class will not be given after a gap of three years. For example, a student who has passed an examination in the session 2002-03 will not be given admission in the session 2006-07. The decision of the university shall be final and valid in case of gap.
  c. Students of use of unfair means will get as many extra years as they were barred from taking any examination.
21. If a student fails to pass/complete graduation course within the time stipulated in section 20(a), he will not be allowed to seek admission in the same course.
22. Students will not be allowed to seek admission in any other programme unless he has completed the programme in which he has been given admission. The option of selecting one programme out of both the programmes will be of the student.
23. The university may grant permission to any such student who has passed a class from any other university for admission to the next class. Such admission will be done under the following rules
  a. The student will be given admission after the sanction of coordinator of Board of Studies of the subject concerned, dean of relevant faculty and admission committee and he will have to meet the conditions set out at the time of admission.
  b. Such students will be eligible to study in all the undergraduate programmes available in the university.
  c. This rule will not be applicable in postgraduate classes.
But the students who have failed in the Part I, II or III of the examination  of any programme will not be eligible for admission in Part II or III of this university.
24. A student, who has passed any part of undergraduate programme as private candidate will not be allowed to seek admission to the next part of the same undergraduate programme as a regular candidate.
25. A student who has passed a postgraduate class as regular or private candidate will not be allowed admission in other postgraduate classes as regular candidate.
26. If a student has completed attendance in a particular session and does not take examination or fails in the university examination, he will not be given admission in the same class or course.
27. The following extra rules apply for admission to M Sc (all subjects) and MA Mathematics and Geography:
  a. Students exceeding  the number of seats will not be given admission.
  b. For admission to M Sc and MA courses the student must have scored not less than 45 per cent overall in the graduation programme and not less than 50 per cent in the subject in which he is seeking the admission. For Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, a relaxation of 5 per cent will be given.
  c. A student may apply for admission only in those subjects which he has studied as a major subject at the graduation level.
  d. Non-stream students will not be given admission in practical subjects.
28. In case a complaint is received about any students using unfair means or attempting to use unfair means or misbehaving in the university examinations, he will not be given admission in any programme of the college.
29. a. History sheeters in police records, or convicted in any crime, or undertrial in any case will not be given admission in the college. If such a student has secured admission in the college, his admission will be cancelled without any prior information.
  b. For maintaining discipline in the college, the principal may refuse/cancel any admission or re-admission without explanation, regardless of the nature of the case.
30. For admission to M Com First Year, the candidate must have passed B Com. Such students who have passed BA/B Sc Economics or Mathematics as a main subject or as subsidiary subject will not be eligible for admission to M Com classes. They will have to pass Principles of Economics and/or Elementary Accountancy for admission to M Com First Year.
31. The students who have passed Adeeb Kamil examination from Jamia-e-Urdu, Aligarh, will not be eligible for admission to any course/programme in this university.
32. Those students who have passed Madhyama examination from Sampoornanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, Varanasi, with English as a subject will be eligible for admission to BA classes.
33. No direct admission will be given to any student in any subject in which entrance examinations are held and the student has failed to take the entrance examination.
34. Leaving aside B Sc, B Com and M Sc first year, admission will take place in the first year of BA, MA and M Com First Year on the basis of merit list of the applicant students.
35. a. As per government orders, reservation is applicable for Scheduled Castes (21 per cent), Scheduled Tribes (2 per cent) and Other Backward Classes (27 per cent). These seats will remain vacant till the last date of admission.
  b. For Disabled, Dependents of Freedom Fighters and Ex-Servicemen, 3, 2 and 1 per cent seats are reserved, respectively, in the categories earmarked for them.
  c. If Scheduled Tribe students are not available for admission seats vacant in this category will be filled from amongst the Scheduled Castes. If seats are vacant in any category, they will be treated as general seats and filled accordingly.
36. Benefit of reservation will be available only if the relevant certificate has been attached to the admission application form. If such certificate is presented after the preparation of merit list, it will not be considered.
37. For students from other states, only 5 per cent seats are reserved on the basis of merit.
38 Facility of admission to the wards of government servants or employees in public sector undertakings may be given with the orders of the Vice-Chancellor. Admissions to students from other universities as a result of transfer of their parents may be granted provided they are eligible for admission. Such admissions will not be granted after October 31 and seats for such admissions will be in addition to the number of seats fixed for the programme concerned.
39. Transfer of self-financed courses will not be allowed from one college to another under any circumstances.
40. While preparing merit list for admission, one mark will be deducted for each year of gap.
41. Extra weightage will be given for the following special qualifications while preparing merit list for admission
  a. Weightage for participation in national or international university games and sports and special achievements in sports – 10 marks
  b. Representation in university team – 05 marks
  c. Son/daughter/husband/wife of serving and retired employees of university/associated college – 10 marks
  d. ‘C’ certificate or ‘G II’ certificate of NCC – 10 marks
  e. Two camps and 240 hours service of NSS – 10 marks
One camp and 240 hours service of NSS – 05 marks
120 hours service and one camp or 240 hours service – 05 marks
Passage of scout step examination at 12th standard – 10 marks
On passing third step examination at 12th standard – 05 marks
Award at the state level – 10 marks
Awarded by the President of India – 10 marks10 day camp of Rovers and Rangers – 05 marks
  Note: No student will be given weightage of more than 10 marks under any circumstances. Recognition of educational qualification will remain as it is, that is, it will not be influenced on the basis of weightage.
42. Under sports quota, one sports person of national or international level may be given special permission for admission by the vice-chancellor. But this rule will not be applicable on the admission for the courses for which entrance examination is held, that is, the vice-chancellor will not grant permission for admission for the courses in which admissions are held through entrance examination.
43. For admissions to postgraduate classes, the candidate must have studied the subject at the graduation level.  Merit list for such admissions will be prepared by adding the marks of the subject in which the student is seeking admission to the grand total of the three years (without practical examination). The college will do admission through merit list in only those classes in which the university does not hold entrance examination.
44. Only those students will be given admission in B Com First Year who have passed 12th standard with commerce. Such students who have passed 12th class with Science, Commerce and Agriculture and are seeking admission in BA classes, their merit will be prepared by deducting 5 marks from their total and admissions will be done only within the prescribed limits.
45. Students who have done graduation from any other university will not be eligible for studying single subject from this university. Students passing graduation from any other university wil not be eligible to take bridge course from this university.
46. A student seeking admission in any category (General, paid seat, NRI seat) will have to complete the entire coursein the same category. This will not be transferable.
47. At the grauation level, a student may take examination in a subject as a private candidate, but the student with practical examination will be given admission only when there is a seat vacant after regular admission.
48. Transfer from one college to another college at postgraduate level is only recognised where admissions are held on the basis of entrance examination. This transfer should take place following no objection of the colleges and by the university. This facility will be given only once.
49. Admissions to B Ed courses will be given through the rules of admission framed by the university.
50. The university will have right to amend these admission rules. Admissions will finally be given as per rules formulated by the university.

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