Dr. G.P. Rathi Principal
  Geography Department  
  Dr. S.M. Dwivedi Reader, In-charge
  Dr. Y.P.S. Chauhan Reader
  Dr. B.S. Thakur Reader
  Dr. U.N. Rawat Reader
  Dr. Balendu Vashishtha Reader
  Dr. Binay Pandey Reader
  Chemistry Department  
  Dr. S.K. Agrawal Reader, In-charge
  Dr. M. Chandra Reader
  Dr. (Smt.) Suman Bala Reader
  Dr. Rajneesh Saxena Reader
  Mathematics Department  
  Dr. Rajeev Sinha Reader, In-charge
  Dr. S.C. Varshney Reader
  Dr. N.K. Sharma Reader
  Botany Department  
  Dr. P.B. Tiwari Sr. Lecturer, In-charge
  Zoology Department  
  Dr. R.K. Porwal Reader, In-charge
  Dr. S.K. Agrawal Reader
  Hindi Department  
  Dr. M.C. Gautam Reader, In-charge
  Dr. (Smt.) Chandrakanta Reader
  Dr. (Smt.) Indu Bhatt Reader
  Dr. Shachindra Vashishtha Reader
  Dr. R.A.S. Yadav Reader
  Economics Department  
  Dr. A.K. Asthana Reader, In-charge
  Dr. (Smt.) Poonam Rani Senior Lecturer
  Political Science Department  
  Dr. P.K. Varshney Reader, In-charge
  Dr. A.P. Singh Reader
  Dr. P.K. Yadav Senior Lecturer
  English Department  
  Dr. J.P. Tiwari Reader, In-charge
  Dr. (Smt.) Archana Agrawal Reader
  Commerce Department  
  Dr. D.K. Varma Reader, In-charge
  Dr. L.N. Agrawal Reader
  Dr. R.P. Yadav Reader
  Dr. N.K. Agrawal Reader
  Sri P.K. Agrawal Senior Lecturer
  Dr. Rakesh Kumar Reader
  Dr. Praveen Kumar Senior Lecturer
  Physics Department  
  Dr. Hemant Kumar Reader, In-charge
  Dr. A.K. Singh Reader
  Sri R.K. Agrawal Senior Lecturer
  Military Science Department  
  Dr. H.N. Pandey Reader, In-charge
  Dr. G.P. Rathi Reader
  Dr. D.K. Srivastava Senior Lecturer
  Sociology Department  
  Dr. Jitendra Kumar Reader, In-charge
  Sri Shanti Swaroop Senior Lecturer
  Sanskrit Department  
  Dr. (Smt.) Mamta Rani
(By the order of Hon’ble High Court)
Lecturer, In-charge
  Physical Education Department  
  Dr. Navish Kumar Lecturer
  Sri S.K. Agrawal Offg. Office Superintendent
  Sri Mukesh Babu Accountant
  Sri Suraj Singh  
  Sri H.K. Gupta  
  Sri A.K. Goyal  
  Smt. Shobha Rani  
  Sri Sanjay Agrawal  
  Sri M.K. Agrawal  
  Smt. Uma Rani Agrawal  

Sri Pankaj Agrawal

  Sri Pradeep Kumar  


  Sri Sudesh Pal Singh Cataloguer, In-charge
  Sri R.K. Agrawal  
  Sri L.C. Agrawal  

Lab. Assistant

  Sri O.P. Singh  
  Sri Himanshu Chaudhary  
  Dr. Ram Chandra  
  Sri Suresh Chandra  
  Sri Subhash Kumar  
  Sri Manoj Kumar  
  Sri Vir Singh  
  Sri Sanjeev Kumar  

College Principal Dr. G.P. Rathi in his office


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