This college has attained fame because of good conduct of students and excellent results. Progress, fame and orderly conduct of any institution depends on adherence of rules and traditions by the students. The following are the rules for help and guidance of the students:

  1. Students must park their cycles, scooters and motorcycles at the cycle stand. Parking vehicles at any other place in the college campus is prohibited.
  2. Students should not loiter in corridors. They should not create ruckus inside or outside the classes when classes are underway.
  3. The college property is the property of the students. No harm should be done to it. Pasting posters or scribbling on the walls is prohibited. Spitting on the college walls or corners is prohibited.
  4. Students should respect teachers, employees and each other. They should generally conduct in such a way inside and outside the college in such a way that they can raise the name of parents and the institution.
  5. Students in higher classes should educate the junior students not to harm the college property or spoiling the building. This will only be possible if they themselves obey it.
  6. For better health and overall development, the students should make full use of playground, exercise room, library and laboratories available in the college.
  7. The students travelling by railways and bus should not travel without ticket and should behave properly with their authorities. They should obtain monthly railway concession form from the counter no. 8 of the college office. Railway concession in-charge is Dr UN Rawat, Reader, Geography department.
  8. The students should take examinations seriously. They must understand well that they will not be re-examined in case they miss any examination.
  9. A person who is not admitted to the college, is not allowed to attend classes.
  10. The students will be paid by the college through cheque. On loss of cheque, the other cheque will be issued after six months and necessary action.
  11. Decision of the principal in matters of discipline and order will be final.

Identity Card

New identity card will be issued to the students seeking admission in graduation part I/postgraduation part I classes or students seeking admission for the first time when they show the fee deposit receipt. Other students will get their identity cards renewed in the subsequent sessions. Recommendation of the proctor is necessary.

In case of the loss of the identity card, new identity card will be issued after paying Rs 50 on the fee counter. In case of wear and tear, new identity card may be obtained by depositing at the fee counter Rs 10. For this recommendation of the proctor is required.

Those trying to get fake identity card will be punished.

The right to issue duplicate identity card rests with the Chief Proctor. It is necessary to carry identity card inside the college campus. No payment will be made from the college office without identity card.


Examination forms are distributed and collected after they are received from the university. It is the duty of the students that they receive the form from the counter concerned and deposit it in person within the given time frme as per notice displayed on the notice board. Students are given receipt when they submit the form at the counter and the students must preserve it safely for reference.

For obtaining admission card of the university examination, it is necessary that the students clear all the college dues and return laboratory and sports items, NCC uniform, library books, etc. For the lack of the above, the students will be barred from taking the examination. The parents are expected to ensure that their dependents have followed the above rules.


  1. As per university rules, 75 per cent attendance is must to be eligible for examination. For attendance purposes, lectures and practicals will be treated as separate subjects.
  2. In case of suspension from the class, attendance of a suspended student in the class will not be valid.
  3. In case of permission to take practical examination, no student, if his attendance is short in any subject, will not be eligible to take written examination.
  4. At the end of each month the lecturers will apprise the students their attendance. If any lecturer is unable to do tis, it is the duty of the student to find out himself, because the students are themselves responsible for their attendance.
  5. The parents are expected to monitor attendance of their wards. They should remain in touch with the college authorities regarding the attendance and progress of their wards.
  6. In case a student is barred from taking an examination, ignorance of the student or his parents will not be taken into account.

General Works at the College


Admission and examination related works

Counter 1


Fee and backward class scholarship (Arts and Commerce Faculty)

Counter 3


Fee and backward class scholarship (Science Faculty and all PG classes)

Counter 5


Scheduled Castes/Tribes related work (fee and scholarship)

Counter 6


All verifications and inquiry

Counter 7


Transfer certificate and character certificate

Counter 8


Accounts related works

Counter 10

Discipline Committee

For tackling discipline related problems, proctorial board functions in the able leadership of Chief Proctor Dr Shachindra Vashishtha. Discipline is maintained with the cooperation of Chief Proctor, Proctors and other teachers. Identity cards are made by the members of proctorial board. In case of loss of identity card, another identity card may be obtained only with the written permission of the Chief Proctor.


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