As per guidelines of NAAC, different committees of teachers are functional for studies, teaching, student welfare and progress:

Coordination Committee

  1. Mr DS Rana, Chief Coordinator
  2. Dr BS Thakur, Member
  3. Dr HN Pandey, Member
  4. Dr Balendu Vashishtha, Member
  5. Dr Ajay Kumar Asthana, member

Student Welfare Committee

Science Faculty

  1. Dr SK Saxena, Convenor
  2. Dr SK Agarwal, Member
  3. Mr SK Shukla, Member
  4. Dr NK Sharma, Member

Arts Faculty

  1. Dr JP Tiwari, Convenor
  2. Dr RK Govil, Member
  3. Dr GP Rathi, Member
  4. Dr Jitendra Kumar, Member

Commerce Faculty

  1. Dr DK Verma, Convenor
  2. Dr LN Agarwal, Member
  3. Dr NK Agarwal, Member
  4. Mr PK Agarwal, Member

Career Counselling Committee

  1. Dr SM Dwivedi, Convenor
  2. Dr M Chandra, Member
  3. Dr Chandrakanta Singhal, Member
  4. Mr Rajiv Kumar Agarwal, Member
  5. Dr Anju Rani, Member

Cultural Activities Committee

  1. Dr BM Chaturvedi, Convenor
  2. Dr UN Rawat, Member
  3. Dr Suman Bala, Member
  4. Dr Mamta Rani, Member
  5. Dr Poonam Rani, Member

Research Advisory Committee

  1. Dr PK Varshneya, Convenor
  2. Dr MC Gautam, Member
  3. Dr RP Yadav, Member
  4. Dr SC Varshneya, Member

Social Extension Committee

  1. Dr SN Awasthi, Convenor
  2. Dr Rakesh Kumar, Member
  3. Dr AP Singh, Member
  4. Dr NK Sharma, Member
  5. Dr Archana Agarwal, Member

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