The students who are desirous to take admission in SM College, Chandausi, are informed that no elections of the office-bearers shall take place in SM College to form Students Union. The Hon’able High Court at Allahabad has passed an Order and Judgement dated 22.12.2004 in this regard in Writ Petition No. 45264/04 and passed a subsequent order dated 24.02.2006 in Writ Petition No. 11468/2006 SM college v/s District Magistrate and Sr. Superintendent of Police, Moradabad & Others. They should take note of it.

The operative part of the Orders are given below:


Notices on behalf of respondents no. 1 and to 5 have been accepted by the standing Counsel. Notice on behalf of respondent no. 2 has been accepted by Sri Govind saran, Advocate. They may file counter affidavit within 4 weeks.

List this petition along with the record of Writ Petition no 57789 of 2005

In view of the decision taken by this Court in Civil Misc. Writ Petition No. 45264 of 2004 (Committee of Management of SM College, Chandausi, Moradabad v/s State of U.P. and others) respondents are directed not to insist petitioner’s institution to hold the Students Union elections and further not to insist on the institution in question to get fee of Rs 50 deposited from the students for membership of Students Union.

W.P. 11468 of 2006

Sd. Shishir Kumar, J.


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